Looking to create an amazing wall scene? Here are a few ideas to jump-start your imagination.

Lay Out Your Stickers Before You Adhere Them To The Wall
Before applying any custom vinyl wall decals, lay them out on the wall with masking tape. This will let you move them around until you like their position. Then you can peel and stick the vinyl wall stickers where you would like. If you are customizing your walls, tape up the decals and sketch in the areas you'd like to paint. You can apply the stickers later when you've finished and the paint has cured.

Overlap Stickers
In nature animals move together, sometimes in front or behind each other. They might walk in front of a tree or lie down on some grass. Consider overlapping your custom wall stickers to create a sense of depth, realism and hand painted artistry effect.

High Stength Vinyl
The Lion Cub and Grass decals have been made to overlap each other, creating a realistic effect of lying in the grass.
Create Movement

Consider how the animals might move through the environment and recreate that on your wall. Birds might fly in different directions or the fish might travel in schools. Creating a flow on the wall with your custom wall stickers can really bring your wall scene to life.

High Stength VinylA flying toucan helps move the viewers eye across the wall scene.

Create an Environment
Animals look pretty cool and realistic with an environment around them. You can keep it as simple as light blue for a sky or brown and green for the earth. Add some scenery vinyl wall stickers or if you'd like to paint yourself, sponge some clouds in the sky or add some simple rocks, shrubs or vines. Have fun with it.

High Stength VinylA basic two color wall can mimic the ocean floor. For added realism, vary the line between colors.

Combine Decals with your Mural Painting
If you like to paint, the decals are a quick and easy way to add to your already great creation. Draw your own sky, forest, or just some grass and add custom vinyl wall decals to make animals playing in your fun mural.

Accessorize Your Room
Add your own custom bedding, rugs or curtains to your new room. These little touches can really accentuate the beautiful work that you have done!

We'd love to see your creations! Please email us your wonderful room designs at mycoolroom@WallsoftheWild.com.