Frequently Asked Questions

Wall Decal Application and Removal

We carefully print, pack and ship every order by hand in our New York State production studio. Check out the first two videos in our FAQ series to see how we ship your new wall stickers and our recommendations for how to unpack and prepare your stickers for application.

How To Apply Wall Decals

To apply, simply remove the backing and stick to any smooth or lightly textured surface including walls, metal, wood, glass, paper, plastic and more. Be sure your surfaces are clean and free of any dirt, dust or grease to ensure good adhesion. If applying over freshly painted walls, allow paint to cure for a minimum of 2-3 weeks before applying. New paint still contains moisture long past the time it feels dry.

Watch our video about how to put on wall stickers.

Application Tips

  • Remove items from their heavy-duty shipping tube, and lay flat for a few hours.
  • Hang your decals on the wall with masking tape to adjust their position to your liking.
  • Once in position, peel back part of the liner (about 8 inches) on one end and lightly stick to the wall.
  • Continue peeling and applying until fully adhered.
  • Be careful not to bend or kink the decal.
  • For small decals, simply remove the entire liner and apply.
  • If you need to reposition at any point, simply peel up the decal and begin again.
  • Finish by softly rubbing the entire decal with a soft cloth, making sure to get all the edges.

Stand back and enjoy your work!

How To Remove Wall Decals (Or Move Them)

To remove, start at one corner and begin slowly peeling. If planning to reuse the decal, take caution not to stretch or kink the material. If reusing, lay face down and let solution evaporate. You can then reapply to the new surface.

For difficult to remove decals (usually those applied to fresh paint or special surfaces), use an adhesive softener such as Goo Goneā„¢ before removing. Spray the solution above the decal and wait a few minutes for it to soften the adhesive. Then peel off the decal.

Watch our video about how to remove wall stickers.

How To Clean Wall Decals

To clean, simply use a soft cloth with soapy water and wipe. Although your stickers are tear and scratch resistant, please avoid using abrasives or solvents.

What Makes Walls Of The Wild Wall Decals So Special?

We are the only wall decal company making realistic animal wall stickers from original paintings by fine artist, Dede Lifgren.

We are a true "cottage industry," owned and operated by a husband-wife team. We started organically in the mid-1990s from a desire to make affordable options for Dede's wall mural paintings on our sons' bedroom walls. Back then, we were the only wall sticker company of the kind that we knew of and we customized existing technology to figure out how to produce the stickers ourselves. We still make them the same way, ourselves, on the property where we live in upstate New York.

Many of the sticker designs you can find on the market today are imitations of our designs...but you will see that no one can make copies that compare to our originals! We are a true homegrown company with values and integrity and we are proud and honored to see our wall decals in your home.

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Do you ship to my country?

We ship anywhere in the world! Our standard international shipping rate is $16 USD via the United States Post Office.

How much is my shipping?

Our shipping costs are free or very low. Once you reach $50, domestic shipping is free. Visit our shipping info page for all our rates. Shipping will be automatically calculated in your shopping cart after you add your address to your order.

An item is missing from my shipment or I received the wrong item.

Please contact us for assistance, and tell us what item is missing or incorrect.

How do I return an item?

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