Realistic Self-Adhesive Vinyl WALL DECALS

Looking For Unique and Educational Decor For Your Child?

Your Child's Room

You want your child's room to be a special place,

An educational wonderland, a beautiful space.

Our wall decals will make all your child's dreams come true

And also make it super easy for you!


We are excited to introduce you to Dede through this short slideshow. 

We are developing more content to take you behind the scenes and let you know more about who we are. 



Everything we make is created in our studios in upstate New York. 

Our artist (and founder), Dede Lifgren, paints every design on canvas.

From her finished painting, Jeff Bode generates high quality, colorful and vibrant wall stickers and murals. 

Our handmade yet high-tech approach makes our one-of-a-kind wall decals stand out from the rest. 

Do you want to decorate kids rooms or a daycare, school, library or pediatric office?

You can create an inspiring, educational and beautiful room with our stickers.  

Stickers Look Painted On

Each sticker we make is die-cut exactly around the image. There is no border of white. This means that they look like they were painted on your walls. Beautiful!

Proudly Made in the USA

We run a small manufacturing shop in our upstate New York home and employ local residents. Our stickers really are "home made!" 

Every one of of our wall stickers is one complete piece, which ensures that you will have the exact look you see on our site for every product, and it will be easy for you to apply.

Self-Adhesive & Easy To Apply

Every sticker is made of a high-quality vinyl that is very easy to apply. Just peel and stick where you want them. They can be moved if you change your mind. See these detailed instructions with tips and tricks and suggestions for design and placement.


Hang them on your shower walls, or even outside! Our sea life stickers will look great swimming around your bathtub and will make bath time special and fun for you and your children.

All of our sticker designs are hand-painted by a fine artist. A lot of time and energy is spent to create perfection in each one.