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Gallimimus Dinosaur Wall Decal (Three Sizes)

Gallimimus Dinosaur Wall Decal


The gallimimus dinosaur was presumed to have ostrich-like legs and three-clawed toes allowing him to reach running speeds up to 40 mph. You can hang this guy on your wall with our easy to apply gallimimus dinosaur wall decal. Hand-painted for detail and beauty like none other!

Life Size:

39" (width) x 53"(height)

Wow Size:

25" (width) x 35"(height)

Fun Size:

12" (width) x 16" (height)

Choose your size and see prices below.

Starting At: $19.95

Dinosaur Size*:
FUN-Size $14.95
WOW-Size $34.95
LIFE-Size $89.95


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