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Gallimimus Dinosaur Wall Decal (Three Sizes)
Gallimimus Dinosaur Wall Decal


The Gallimimus dinosaur was presumed to have ostrich-like legs and three-clawed toes allowing him to reach running speeds up to 40 mph. You can hang this guy on your wall with our easy to apply Gallimimus dinosaur wall decal. Hand-painted for detail and beauty like none other!

Life Size:

39” (width) x 53”(height)

Wow Size:

25" (width) x 35"(height)

Fun Size:

12" (width) x 16" (height)

Choose your size and see prices below.

Starting At: $16.95

Dinosaur Size*:
FUN-Size $16.95
WOW-Size $39.95
LIFE-Size $89.95

Description Technical Specs What Makes Us Unique
As you've probably already read somewhere on this website, all of our wall stickers look like they were painted onto your walls by an artist (probably because they were painted by one in the first place).

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