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Mural Planning Guide Document

Easy Planning Guide for Walls of the Wild Wall Decals

Are you thinking: Where should I put my new wall decals? How do I arrange wall stickers to make a beautiful wall mural? How can I figure out which wall decals to choose, how many to order and if they will fit in my space? Do I have to paint before I put up wall decals?

We know it might feel daunting to plan how to use wall decals, but never fear…we’ve got your back! To give you a hand, we’ve put together this easy step-by-step guide to planning and using our wall stickers. For more information, including an ever-growing collection of how-to tutorials and videos, see our website FAQ page.

Wall Mural Planning Phase

Step 1. Get Started With Wall Decals For Any Room

Decide where you want to use wall decals to create a beautiful wall. Which walls, which rooms, and so on. Are you looking to create a kids wall decal mural? Maybe wall decals for the baby nursery? Or are you planning a wall decal for adults space? Or both? Go ahead and pick one wall decal space and then move on to the next step.

Step 2. Pick Your Wall Mural Planning Method

You can choose the DETAIL-ORIENTED METHOD or the FREE-SPIRIT METHOD. Or maybe you need the SOMEWHERE-IN-BETWEEN METHOD. Read on and decide what is best for you!


Check out a sample of this method. You might want to use graph paper so you can draw to scale. Take measurements of the approximate width and height (in inches) of the area you want to use and draw it out using a scale that works (the side of each square might equal 3”, 6” or whatever works best). Write the dimension on the perimeter of the area. Make a separate sheet for each wall you want to use.

(If right about now your eyes are crossing and your heart is beating faster, may we suggest you skip down to the free-spirit method. You can always come back here after you catch your breath. ;)

Add in any furniture that you need to place your wall decals around. Sketch into the drawing the outline of each piece of furniture at the same scale that you used for the wall dimensions. As you draw out your room, consider the following questions:

❊ Will the wall decal mural area include the entire wall including where it meets the floor and/or ceiling? Or just a section of it? Be sure you know the width and height of the area you want to use.

❊ Will the wall stickers be arranged around some pieces of furniture (like a bed, crib, dresser, changing table, rocking chair, etc.)?

❊ Are there any changes to your room you want to make before you put the stickers up (moving furniture, a quick coat of paint, etc.)?


This is where you trust the process and throw caution to the wind. If you are feeling like you don’t need or want to do too much planning, then don’t. Many a free spirit just picks the wall stickers they like on our website and figures it out when the decals arrive. We strongly encourage such trust and adventure!


You decide the balance and plan as much as you feel you need to, throw caution to the wind as much as you want to, and let your creativity run the show.

Wall Decal Selection Phase

The fun part!

Visit our website and start to build your wall decal order. You might want to start a wall sticker wishlist, or just put wall stickers in your cart. You can take some out if you need to, whatever you need to do in order to get a list going.

Remember this is for your enjoyment, so let yourself dream.

Since this is a particularly exciting part of the process, be sure to invite your kids, your spouse, and/or other interested friends and family to contribute to the wall decal shopping and decision-making. (Especially the kids, of course!) If you are using the Detail-Oriented Method, you can use the dimensions of each wall decal (included in the title and/or product description) to sketch them into your wall dimensions drawing.

Wall Decal Mural Installation Phase


If you want to paint the walls prior to putting up your new wall decals, be sure to plan for at least 2 weeks for the paint to dry thoroughly before the stickers go up. If there is any moisture left in the paint when you apply, you may get into a situation of having to apply additional adhesive. We don’t want that to happen! That’s why planning ahead can be super helpful and why we made this guide.


If you don’t paint, make sure to clean the walls before applying the stickers. A simple wipe with a non-toxic cleaner or even just water and vinegar will do the trick (we are all about being environmentally-friendly). If you will move furniture to accommodate your wall mural design, remember to change things up before you wipe the walls. We also recommend you give it a good 24 hours after cleaning to dry thoroughly just to be safe.


Your order will include detailed installation instructions, and you can also find those in the FAQs or watch our installation video. We recommend that you tape up each wall sticker where you think you want it to go. Use masking tape on the backing material that the wall sticker will come on. Don’t accidentally tape the wall sticker! If you do this, it’s easy to move them around and see what things will look like before you start the peel and stick process. You can even leave the wall decals taped up for a while if you aren’t completely sure of your final design. Maybe you need to sleep on it! Remember that we have quite a few videos and written answers to wall decal application questions in the FAQ section. It can be helpful to have a second person to help you apply the wall decals, especially if you choose some of our large stickers.


After your wall stickers are up, you and your kids can have lots of fun interacting with them.

❊ Animal and plant wall decals can be a jumping off point for educational investigations and conversations.

❊ Realistic wall decals can inspire make-believe play and story-telling.

❊ Beautiful wall decals can be a friend on a quiet sick day at home.

❊ And much more.

We believe you will never regret your decision to put Walls of the Wild wall decals in your home. And that’s because we have more than 20 years of positive feedback from our customers saying just that!

If you have decided you want to download this wall decal mural planning guide, just click back to the download page.

Mural Planning Guide Sample Sketch

Sample Sketch For Creating A Wall Decal Mural

The sample sketch and the room it is based on is below. This is to help you get the feeling for what you need and what sizes you can fit. Don’t feel like you have to make yourself crazy with 100% accuracy. For instance, the scale may be slightly off in this sample, but that’s ok. You just want to be sure that what you want will basically fit before you buy it.

This is a planning tool to get you started on your wall decal mural design and also help you decide which way you want to go with your choices. Once you get them in the house, you can play around with the design by taping them up before you stick. The main idea is to give yourself a framework if you feel you want or need it. Remember, there’s always the free-spirit method. ;)

If you are going for the in-between method, then you could use a sketch like this as a guide. If you want to put your full-on “DIY artist planner self” hat on, then measure to the inch. Either way, you will have wild walls when you are finished.

If you can't quite see these images well enough, just download the mural planning guide and you will get a PDF with the full page sketch.

Please let us know if you have any questions or need anything at all.

Also, will you share your projects with us when they are finished? We would love to see any sketches you create, and the way that the final room turns out. Contact us anytime.

Thank you and we hope that our stickers bring beauty and joy into your life.

Do your decals stick to textured walls and surfaces?
  Answer coming soon!
Are your wall decals easy to remove?
  Yes! More info coming soon.
How do I apply wall decals?
  Answer coming soon!
What makes Walls of the Wild decals special and different?
  We are the only wall decal company that features realistic designs that are hand-painted by one artist. We are the only cottage industry wall sticker company we know of. Only Walls of the Wild stickers are owned and operated by a husband-wife team. We were the only sticker company when we started in the late 1990's. Many of the sticker designs you can find out there are imitations of our originals...but you will see that no one can make copies that compare to our originals. We are a true homegrown company with values and integrity. Let us know if you have any questions at
Do your decals stay up on the wall?
  In general our decals should not come off the wall until you take them off. HOWEVER...If the wall is not clean or if the paint is still slightly damp when the sticker is applied, the adhesive can stop working after a while. In that case, please follow these instructions to re-affix: (details coming soon).
How do I make a mural with your wall decals?
  Answer coming soon and plans are in the works for some videos from us about it as well.
How do I remove wall decals?
  Answer coming soon!
Can I save and reuse my wall decals?
  Answer coming soon.