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How To Use Our Stickers
Do your decals stick to textured walls and surfaces?
  Answer coming soon!
Are your wall decals easy to remove?
  Yes! More info coming soon.
How do I apply wall decals?
  Answer coming soon!
What makes Walls of the Wild decals special and different?
  We are the only wall decal company that features realistic designs that are hand-painted by one artist. We are the only cottage industry wall sticker company we know of. Only Walls of the Wild stickers are owned and operated by a husband-wife team. We were the only sticker company when we started in the late 1990's. Many of the sticker designs you can find out there are imitations of our originals...but you will see that no one can make copies that compare to our originals. We are a true homegrown company with values and integrity. Let us know if you have any questions at
Do your decals stay up on the wall?
  In general our decals should not come off the wall until you take them off. HOWEVER...If the wall is not clean or if the paint is still slightly damp when the sticker is applied, the adhesive can stop working after a while. In that case, please follow these instructions to re-affix: (details coming soon).
How do I make a mural with your wall decals?
  Answer coming soon and plans are in the works for some videos from us about it as well.
How do I remove wall decals?
  Answer coming soon!
Can I save and reuse my wall decals?
  Answer coming soon.