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Tropical Fish Wall Decals Collection

Tropical Fish Murals


Create a beautiful tropical fish wall mural with ease using this ready-to-go package set of our fish wall decals. From hand-painted designs, each fish wall decal is detailed, realistic and life-like.

Perhaps you want to make an easy bathroom ocean mural, or decorate a kid's bedroom with a tropical undersea theme. Perfect decorations for baby nursery walls, daycares, and pediatric doctor's offices.These fish wall decals will even stick to shower or bathtub walls and they are waterproof!

Includes one each of each of the following fish wall stickers from our extensive underwater wall decal collection:

Bigeye (1 Small and 1 Large)
Blue Tang
Butterfly Fish (Large)
Butterfly Fish (Small)
Clown Fish Set
French Angelfish
Goldfish Set
Grunt Fish (1 Small and 1 Large)
Grunt Fish Turning (1 Small and 1 Large)
Parrot Fish
Queen Angelfish Side View
Queen Angelfish Front View
Regal Angelfish
Our Price: $54.95
Sale Price: $44.95



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