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Our beautiful Kids wall Decals Are designed to amaze

As you browse our selection of beautiful and realistic wall stickers for kids, you will see that our decals truly one of a kind. No one else makes anything like them. We guarantee it. That's because all of our wall decal designs are hand-painted original artwork by fine artist, Dede Lifgren. Learn more.


What Makes Our Wall Decals For Kids So Special?

Each Wall Decal Design Is Painted By A Fine Artist

Every single one of our artistic wall decals is a perfect reproduction of original artwork. Dede’s meticulous painting process creates realistic wall sticker images with brilliant and beautiful details that we transfer perfectly onto peel and stick vinyl. 

So, when you get them, all you have to do is peel the backing off your new wall stickers and stick them where you want them. 

And, voila! Instant amazing kids wall mural! 

You won’t believe how easy they are. Your kids will know how awesome you are.

Our Realistic Nature Wall Decals Grow With Your Child

Instead of needing to remove your kids wall decals from their room as they grow older, our realistic wall stickers are appropriate for all ages. They will inspire curiosity and imagination from infant years through middle school and they even make perfect wall decals for teens. We are sure you will find that our kids decor stickers will be loved for many, many years. 

Our Kids Wall Decals Aren’t Just For Kids

Absolutely not! Many of our customers tell us that these are also perfect wall decals for adults and all through the house. There's no reason not to create a vibrant wall mural of your very own. 

We Are A True Cottage Industry

We are a husband-wife team (plus one sister) -- an authentic family business. We make all our wall stickers right at our home studios in Brewster, NY.  Dede paints and Jeff prints and ships. Nothing is outsourced, nothing is printed in China, nothing is made anywhere else. Homegrown all the way. Walls of the Wild wall decals are entirely made in USA. READ OUR STORY

Explore Our Kids Wall Decals

tiger wall decal

Jungle Wall Decals

Safari and jungle wall decals are perfect for baby nursery decor, kids bedroom walls, playrooms, daycares, pediatric office decorations and more. All of our jungle and rainforest wall stickers will thrill and educate your children and turn their room into a wonderland. It will look like you had an amazingly beautiful wall mural painted by a fine artist, but you can install the whole mural with one or two people in an afternoon!

dolphins wall decals

Ocean Wall Decals and Underwater Wall Decals

Dolphin wall stickers, shark wall stickers, sea turtle wall decals, tons of tropical fish wall decals, giant coral reef wall stickers, game trout wall decals and more. Take a look at our beautiful selection of fish wall stickers for kids. All of our undersea wall stickers are perfect for a baby nursery and they will grow with your child so you won't have to re-do their room in two years.

unicorn wall decal

Unicorns And Fantasy Wall Decals

Unicorn wall decals and fairy wall decals with mystical beauty and incredible detail. Quickly turn your kids bedroom into a magical place rich with imagination and play. They will be fall in love with their beautiful new wall decals (and you will fall in love with how easily you created a DIY wall mural).

dinosaurs wall decals

Dinosaur Wall Decals

We have the most detailed and realistic dinosaur wall decals for kids bedrooms that you will find anywhere. Your dinosaur-lover will be fascinated and excited by our collection of dinosaur wall stickers every day. You won't believe how many different dinosaur species we have decals for. Of course we have an extremely popular Tyrannosaurus Rex wall sticker, but check it out--we also have a Euoplocephalus, a Pterodactyl, two different Stegosaurus wall decals (the link goes to just one), and MANY MORE dinosaur wall decals. 

What Parents Say About Our Wall Decals For Kids

"My son is only 3 months old, but you can already see his face light up when he looks at all the creatures.The best part is that this themed-room will really age with him and it won't look too 'baby' for him when he is older." 

Sheila, happy customer

I just want to say how thrilled I am with your products!!! I bought the shark, turtle and a few fish and they were a breeze to put up. They stuck perfect with no problems!! My kids LOVE THEM!!! 

Vickie, another happy customer

Get An Exclusive Wall Decal Mural Planning Guide

We thought you might need a hand in planning a wall mural, so we created the steps listed below plus a FREE Mural Planning Guide just for you.

This detailed and easy guidebook includes everything you might want to consider when using vinyl wall decals. We are confident it will help all anyone make a better mural with our wall stickers, whether you are super detail-oriented or just need a tiny bit of guidance. 

So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your perfect wall mural today!

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